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LIMITATION OF LIABILITY is not liable to its customers / users for damages that may arise from the execution or not of their order (except in the cases of the paragraph "Returns of Products"). reserves the right to deliver the goods in cases of force majeure. can not guarantee the availability of the products but guarantees timely information to final consumers about their unavailability. is not responsible for any kind of damage to the visitor / user of the pages, services, choices and contents of, which he / she makes on his / her own initiative and responsibility (eg. but not limited to, damage caused by third party's illegal acts such as encryption or decryption of codes and data, viruses during the use of the site, or downloading of contents of its contents to problems that may arise during use of electronics (eg data loss etc.), etc.). is used as such, without warranty expressly or implicitly stated and subject to availability. makes reasonable efforts to maintain and make available its content. However, users accept that is entitled to modify and / or temporarily or permanently discontinue all or part of it with and / or without notice to users, as availability may be affected from the equipment of users, from other communications networks, from the large number of people trying to make use of at the same time or from other causes. As a result, does not bear any responsibility for any kind of damage (positive, repayable, negligent, inconclusive or otherwise) resulting from the user's inability to access it, the termination of all or part of it , delay, non-delivery, interruption or poor quality of service or loss of content, the existence of any kind of mistakes. In any case, reserves the right at any time to temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of all or part of it for maintenance or upgrading purposes or for any reason whatsoever. does not warrant that the pages, services, choices and contents will be provided without interruption, error free, that this site will be secure, bugs will be corrected on this site or that the server that makes available does not have viruses or other damaging elements. The cost of possible corrections or services is assumed by the visitor / user and in no case


Returns of products at the cost of IOANNIDIS GEORGE - JAGE
The customer has the right to return the products he has purchased from this online store at IOANNIDIS GEORGE's charge in the following cases:
If mistaken for, wrong products were sold (error in order picking, pricing, shipping, etc.). In this case, the customer may request his / her return. Returned products should be in excellent condition, sealed, full and without any damage. The packaging of the product is the one that normally accompanies the product and is in perfect condition.
If poor quality products were sold under (they were destroyed during transport, poor packaging, etc.). In this case, the customer must not accept the receipt of the product and contact this online store. If the customer agrees to receive the product, will not accept any refund and therefore will not replace. In addition, if the customer does not return the product then he will not be sent a new product and the customer will have to make a new order / purchase. The product should be returned to the delivered status.

In both cases, the maximum refund time can not exceed 14 calendar days from the date of receipt.

Returns of products by customer charge
The customer reserves the right to return the products he has purchased without notice and without obligation to announce the reason why he wishes to return the products within 14 calendar days of the date of receipt. In this case, it is charged with the direct cost of returning the products. Returns will only be accepted if the products the customer wishes to return are in exactly the same condition as they were received, ie they have not been unsealed or their packaging has been violated. The withdrawal period expires 14 calendar days,
from the date of conclusion of the contract for service contracts.
for sales contracts from the day on which the customer / consumer or a third party indicated by him other than the carrier acquires the physical possession of the goods or
i. from the day on which the customer / consumer or a third party indicated by him other than the carrier acquires the physical possession of the last good in the case of many goods ordered by the consumer with an order and delivered separately,
ii. from the day on which the customer / consumer or a third party indicated by him / her, other than the carrier, acquires physical possession of the last batch or the last piece in the case of delivery of a multi-part or multiple item.
In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the client must inform the company of his decision to withdraw with a clear statement. If the customer sends his statement electronically for a withdrawal, the company will provide him with a confirmation of his resignation on a firm medium (eg email).

In order for the customer to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient to inform them before the withdrawal period expires. Also, the customer must return the products he wishes to return back to the company without undue delay and in any event within 14 calendar days of the day he declared to the company that he was withdrawing. The deadline is considered to have been met if the customer sends the products back before the end of the 14-day period. The customer will be charged with the direct return of the products.

In case of return of the products, the refund of the money corresponding to the products ordered by the customer will be completed within 14 calendar days from will be informed of the client's decision to withdraw. The company is entitled to delay the refund until it receives the goods back or until the customer provides evidence that he has sent the goods back, whichever is the earlier. The company will execute the above refund using the same payment method that the customer used for the original transaction, unless the customer has explicitly agreed otherwise. In any case, the client will not be charged for such a refund. The refund can also be made by crediting the customer's bank account, which will be posted on in a timely and written manner. The company is not required to reimburse additional delivery costs if the customer has explicitly chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the company.

The customer bears responsibility for any reduction in the value of the goods resulting from handling that was not necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods. The company bears the risk of harming or losing the products until they are physically occupied by the customer / consumer or third party designated by the customer / consumer, unless the carrier has been authorized by the customer / consumer, in which case the risk is transferred to the customer / consumer upon delivery to the carrier.

It is reminded of the seller's liability for actual defects and lack of matched properties in accordance with Article 534 et seq. Of the Civil Code.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to the supply of goods manufactured according to customer / consumer specifications or clearly personalized (eg garments, accessories made upon customer's order).

In each case of return of products, the customer is obliged to deliver intact and in perfect condition all documents accompanying the product (eg DAT, Retail, gifts, etc.).


Orders are accepted and order shipments are executed within Greece & Cyprus as well as abroad. Shipment takes place daily except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 10.00am and 17.00pm.
The various product offers displayed in this online store are for a limited time and are valid until stocks run out.
The prices quoted do not include VAT. reserves the right to change prices without prior notice from customers. In any case, however, at the time of receipt of the product ordered, the customer will pay the price indicated at the time of the order.
Order Completion / Confirmation
Upon completion of the order, the customer will receive from by email and / or by phone the confirmation and the order number.

Cancellation of order
Before the order is completed, during the online ordering process, the customer can click on the "Remove" field to cancel the order automatically. If you have ordered more than one product and wish to cancel the order of one of them, clicking on the "Remove" field will cancel the order of the products you do not wish to be included in its final order.
Modification of the order
No changes can be made after the order is completed. If the customer so desires, he must cancel his order before completing it and choose other products.
Product availability
In the event that a product ordered by the customer is not available, will contact him / her via email or / and telephone within a reasonable time from the placement of the order to inform him about when his delivery is probable. If the customer considers that the product receipt time does not satisfy the customer, he may withdraw the order for the product in question while any other order may be performed normally.
Products delivery
If the purchase was made by credit card to secure this holder, the delivery of the products is only to the buyer who will have to receive his order in person by showing his original identity card or passport and credit card. It is forbidden to receive the order from a third party unless the buyer authorizes a third person to write. And in the case of written authorization, the authorized person should show the above documents in order to complete the delivery of the products made by credit card.
Delivery time
The delivery depends on the availability of the products as well as on the quantity of the order.
Delivery method
Receipt of the products is usually done through a courier company but can be changed at the customer's request.
Shipping / Cash On Delivery
The shipping cost amounts to € 3.50 for credit card payment or bank transfer to a 2-pound bank account within Greece (for more than one kilogram there is a billing list on the site). For payment by cash on delivery, an additional charge of 3.5 € applies. Shipping costs for Cyprus amount to 12.00 €, up to 2kg (while for other European countries there is a list of charges on the site)


The online store accepts Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club International credit cards via Viva Wallet.
No installment payment is possible but the amount will be repaid in one installment. The amount of the lump-sum payment in addition to the value of the products also includes shipping costs.

For purchases made through a credit card, the customer should follow the instructions he will find in this online store. In the order form he will find, he will have to fill in his credit card number and expiration date. The credit card is charged if the data and its validity are checked and verified. The customer is solely responsible for the correct recording and the truth of the credit card details.

For debit or bank account purchases, the client must send the deposit to email or as a payment confirmation and then be sent to his / her order.

In every purchase case, the buyer should also be the cardholder used for the transaction.

The customer pays the courier company, who acts on the order of, upon delivery of the order at his place. Cash on delivery does not apply to orders delivered to Cyprus and other European countries.

Products are delivered by partner courier companies, in which promotes user's personal information, such as name and shipping address, so that orders can be delivered and executed.
Order may be delayed for the following reasons:
The product is not available and needs to be sewn from the beginning or if a supplier of does not have the fabric / materials needed to produce the product.
The product has already been discontinued and is unavailable. In this case, will contact the customer to provide an alternative.
In times of extreme weather or strikes, and in the event of force majeure, which may affect the delivery and delivery of the customer's order. In this case, will communicate as soon as possible with the customer so that the customer can state whether he wishes to complete the order under these circumstances.
If it is impossible to telephone or email the customer (for example, if there is a problem with the order, either in relation to the product or in connection with its payment) because, for example, the details of the client he has entered are not properly updated.

These Terms of Use and the use of the website are governed by Greek law, by the applicable EU legislation and the relevant International Treaties. Should any of these terms be deemed invalid or void, such voidability or voidability will not affect the validity of the other terms. Responsibility for resolving any dispute that arose from the use of the website or the interpretation or application of these terms of use or on the basis of these are the Courts of Thessaloniki.

For any clarification related to, users can contact the tel. 2316016396 or contact at or as well as the postal address:

IOANNIDIS GEORGE - JAGE undertakes to protect the personal data of the visitors / users of the website and to comply with the relevant provisions on the protection of personal data (Law 2472/1997 for the protection of the person from the processing of personal data) as applicable.
For this reason, information relating to visitors '/ users' personal data is not gathered unless they provide them voluntarily. No personal data is required to navigate to or to access its content except in those cases where in order for a visitor / user to have access to some offers, it should be done previously member of

However, if the visitor / user wishes to order products but also to ensure the possibility to communicate with him but also in general to support, promote and execute the business relationship with him / her, he / she is likely to be asked for his / her personal disclosure (such as name, occupation, email address, date of birth, etc.). Any user's personal data is intended solely for the purpose of executing the orders and contracts to be concluded through for the provision of the products. In addition, guests may request that they receive information about new products at this e-shop as well as existing offers from either the company itself or from affiliated companies by email at their stated email address or promotional-informative message via SMS on their mobile phone. In this case, the visitor / user agrees that the information submitted to is complete, correct, true, accurate and valid and that if they change, they will inform the relevant service at to the recordings are kept complete, correct, true, expensive and valid. If the user wishes to stop the communication for promotional purposes it is enough to visit the contact form of the website, where he can at any time indicate his or her wishes.

However, because unauthorized third parties may be able to read user messages sent over the internet, users are advised not to e-mail information that they wish to remain confidential.

Users who provide their personal information on have the right to request and receive from IOANNIDIS GEORGE - JAGE the following information: (a) all personal data concerning them; (b) the purposes of processing and any addressees; (c) the correction of their data held in the file and the right to raise any objections to their data concern.

Registered users have the right to request at any time and free of charge the deletion of their details at any time by sending an email to Deletion by electronic communication can also be done by pressing unsubscribe at the bottom of the electronic file.

The disclosure of personal data by the users of in this manner constitutes acceptance of the terms of use of this data in accordance with the present. In case the user does not consent to. in the above-mentioned use of his or her personal data, should not fill in the relevant fields.

SECURITY makes every reasonable effort to safeguard the personal data of users by following strict security measures which, at the discretion of, may be altered or modified. However, users are advised that sending confidential information through e-mail is not the safest way of sending, as it involves the risk of reading this information from third parties unauthorized.

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